What We Do

What we do – 6 Stage Financial Planning Process

We build long-term collaborative relationships with our clients, working in partnership with them to help secure their financial future and independence.

We have developed a structured 6 stage advice process. This process enables us to meet the complex needs of our clients and deliver consistently great service.

Image of our process

  1. Our “Financial Life Cycle” begins with an initial meeting, at our expense and with no obligation. Here we identify your needs, your goals and aspirations, your attitude toward investment risk and the compatibility of our services.
  2. Having established that we want to work with each other, and agreed a way forward, we gather data to establish a complete picture of your current situation.
  3. Using our expertise and specialist research capability we then create our initial recommendations.
  4. In a second meeting we present our recommendations, using a clear jargon-free explanation. This is an opportunity for questions, concerns and where necessary fine tuning before agreeing your plan and confirming the next steps.
  5. Once agreed, our Customer Relationship team manages the implementation of your plan, using our technology platform and liaising with product providers, investment institutions and your other professional advisers.
  6. We review, monitor, rebalance and adjust your portfolio and overall financial plan at agreed time intervals, taking into consideration any changes in circumstances or any revised goals.

Levels of Service

In all walks of life different people have different needs and requirements. Financial planning is no different. We have a range of services tailored to individuals’ requirements covering the whole financial planning spectrum.

For some it may be investing a lump sum, or dealing with an inheritance. For others it may be income or family protection, retirement planning, company pension scheme membership or mortgage & property related issues. Whatever your needs we have a service or range of services to suit.

In addition to our Elite Wealth Management Service, we have our Premier Advice Service and our Standard Advice Service. The three levels of service are designed to provide you with the correct support and information throughout the advice and review process.

Premier Advice Service

Do you want structured, regular communication and an annual in-person review meeting? If so, our enhanced service could be right for you. We follow our 6 stage structured advice process and recommend a diversified portfolio, aimed at maximising your opportunity for achieving your financial and lifestyle goals. Your portfolio will be regularly rebalanced in line with those objectives agreed at outset and subsequent reviews. Your portfolio will invest in all the major asset classes and aligned to the level of risk we have agreed is suitable.

Standard Advice Service

Are you looking for solution-based advice, with a basic level of communication and support? Our standard service is for clients with less complex financial affairs. We use our 6 stage process and recommend an appropriate fund solution, in line with your risk and return objectives. On an annual basis we will review your investments and make any required adjustments.